The Center for Ergogenics Research


The Center for Ergogenics Research collects, disseminates, and integrates the scientific research and practical application of ergogenic aides in sports and exercise to achieve, enhance, and maintain performance, fitness, and quality of life.

This is accomplished through multiple outlets, such as research, seminars, articles, podcasts, and streaming.


Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables of interest in an established systematic practice that enables the ability to answer relevant research questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate outcomes. While methods may vary, CER strives to emphasize that accurate and honest collection remains consistent.


The key to the effective dissemination of research must include matching the means of the research to the needs of the audience. At CER, our methods involve careful planning and thought, as well as the consideration of and communication with the ergogenics-use population.


Data integration is the process of coalescing data from diverse sources into a single, unified analysis which, in turn, provides meaningful and relative the user. This extensive process ultimately enables CER the ability to produce effective and meaningful actionable industry-specific intelligence.