Meta Human Initiative

Providing Augmented Ergogenics to Facilitate the Next Stage in Human Evolution.

You push yourself day in and day out, but you are looking to create that new version of YOU – a Version 2.0. But how do you go about doing just that? Is it possible to get everything you need in one place? You are not second-rate, and any service you need must be the same. That is where we come in. Our Meta Human Initiative provides every aspect of Lifestyle Enhancement and Optimization you require…all-inclusive, nothing left out. Stop trying to figure out all of the details; just put in the work, and we’ll take care of the rest. This may include:

  • All services available
  • One on one appointments with providers
  • Tests and evaluations
  • Program design and instruction
  • Constant monitoring and updates
  • Ongoing Care
  • 24 hour access to staff
  • Coordination with other providers, as needed
  • Hormone/Regenerative therapy protocols
  • Meals and supplementation
  • Exclusive use of our app
  • And much more!

Interested in developing the best version of YOU? Fill out our intake form for more info – no obligation!