Lifestyle Enhancement & Optimization Conference

People want to look, feel, and be their best, at any age. No matter what their objective, they want to excel physically and mentally – in their life, in their jobs, in their family.

However, if the last few years has taught us anything, it is that we need to be self-reliant about our own personal health & wellness. And this breaks down into two basic groups of thought: Reactive treatment of symptoms, or proactive prevention of causes.

Designed to go above and beyond typical health & wellness, the LEO conference will help individuals and practitioners leave mediocracy and transform into extraordinary. With top-of-the-industry speakers and seminars that will not be found anywhere else, get the most cutting edge and research-based information that is available, and become the best version of you:

Hormone Optimization

Regenerative Therapies

Personalized Nutrition

Exercise Prescription

Orthopedic Management

Lifestyle Advancement

  • Eric Fete, DO
  • Elizabeth Yurth, MD
  • Lee Doernte, PhD
  • John Mike, PhD
  • Donald Ozello, DC
  • Cynthia Miranda, DAT
  • Jordan Moon, PhD
  • Kelley Altom
  • Stan Efferding
  • Sharon LaBrocca
  • Nick Lambe
  • Nathan Payton
  • Lacy Puttuck
  • Skye Roberts

December 1 and 2, 2023 | The Orleans Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas, NV