DYG University

Education for Domination.

Get the latest in research, methods, and forward driving ideas with the top experts in the industry. With DYG University, take total control of your education, either for yourself or for a conference.

For starters, grab a subscription to our vast collection of state-of-the-art videos, articles, and more, and benefit on your own time from this amazing war chest of knowledge. Get items like seminar lectures, recipes, how-to and DIY programming, and so much more. Hours upon hours of learning materials at your fingertips from the best experts in the industry is all included.

Education tracks, especially ones providing CEUs, are the hottest thing in the industry. Planning a conference or expo and need a top-of-the-line education component? DYG University provides the best education programs to the biggest events in the industry, including the OLYMPIA and the ARNOLD. Take your academic offerings to the next level with our vast speaker pool and topics, and wow you attendees with the most amazing seminars and workshops.

DYG University can provide this conference service in two ways, depending on how much involvement you would like to have:

  1. We organize the speakers, workshops, etc.; you sell the tickets, and we take a percentage
  2. A total turn-key model – we handle everything for the entire program, and you pay a flat rate

No matter what works better for you, rest assured that you will be providing your guests with the best in the industry.

So, get on board with DYG University. Whether you are a coach, practitioner, an event coordinator, or just a fitness enthusiast, you will get everything you need to DOMINATE YOUR GAME: performance, nutrition, rehab, and everything in between.