We are an advanced and fully integrated Elite Wellness Science consulting firm powered by the industry’s top specialists dedicated to offering all of the services needed to research, educate, improve, strengthen, and rehabilitate any elite-minded clientele, thereby providing for complete Lifestyle – Specific Enhancement and Optimization.

ELITE MEDICINE: From hormone imbalances to a concussion to torn ligaments, your entire quality of life or even your career can hang in the balance. Unfortunately, there is not much out there that can bridge the gap between medical care and return to function. But that is exactly what we do. Including Evaluations, Blood panels, Regenerative therapies, Ultra sound, E-stim, Soft tissue mobilization, and more, our experienced staff will work to develop every aspect of your program, with your special needs in mind, and and get you back in the game.

ELITE NUTRITION: When you are trying to dial in a diet, increase performance, improve rehab, get custom-made meals, or need to understand the proper application of legitimate sports supplements, let our Dietitians and Chefs assist you in attaining your ultimate objectives. Even if you have additional medical and health concerns along with your normal dietary needs (such as Diabetes, Kidney or Liver issues, etc.), our Dietitians can legally address it.

ELITE PERFORMANCE: An athlete can be defined as anyone who wants to excel past the norm. Whether you are from one of the Four Major Leagues, a physique athlete, an MMA fighter, or a high-end exec, the proverbial tenth of a second can mean total million dollar success, or complete and utter failure. With the most up to date equipment at their disposal, our specialists are the best in the industry, and they know exactly what it takes to make any athlete the best.

ELITE SCIENCE & RESEARCH: We are the researchers and the practitioners, the scientists and the engineers, the coaches and the athletes. If you want to take yourself, your team, your company, or your product to its highest possible level, we can help. When you are looking for the best in CRO Testing & Research for the sports sciences, you need to go no further. As an NIH and CITI certified facility, we offer university-grade clinical research, but without the bureaucracy. Furthermore, with our advanced testing capabilities, our staff can provide the data you demand in order to improve any aspect of your needs.